The Island Hotel Heraklion Crete, August 2014


They come weary to paradise,
another coach load of those tired
from the staccato rhythms of travel and
a fortissimo, stressimo lifestyle.
Surrendering to tranquillity can be
impossible at first for those
deeply knotted in mind and soul,
taut and tight and wounded.

But within a few succulent days
the white flag is raised,
and all the stress-strands loosen,
unravelling free,
fluttering away on the sea breeze.
Clean now from the pollutants of
pain and strain,
cleansed enough to begin
to feel the textures of their humanity again,
recaptured slowly:
marinating in sun-warmed pools,
basting under sun-blued skies,
playing on sun-blanched beaches,
feasting on captivating Cretan cuisine,
awed by explosive sunsets and a night sky
bursting with falling stars,
sleeping earlier, deeper, longer,
and served by a warm-hearted caring hotel staff.

Most depart with heavy heart
from this softest of hard-shoulders,
returning again to the strain
of busy,
but the restoration of rest sustains them long in their daily fast lane.