I have been writing poetry since October 2010. Following a trip to Nepal I picked up a virus which left me suffering with ME (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome). Over the time of illness it has been difficult to ‘do’ much because of fatigue, so I began to write, initially as a way of ‘letting off steam’ and discovered it was incredibly therapeutic.

In the past I’ve never really ‘connected’ with poetry, finding it difficult to interpret and understand. I now take a very different approach. Rather than seeing a poem as a problem to solve, see it as a gift to be enjoyed. That’s how I hope my poems may speak to people.

I write about all sorts of things and of course my faith forms a big part.

I’ve included just a small sample of my poems. The few headed ‘Jesus’ are written from the perspective of Jesus’ humanity, which can appear quite raw and shocking to some.

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