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Mary Moments:

The demands of life are increasingly frenetic, propelling us into ways of existing that are contrary to our human nature. We need a balance of work, rest and play, yet most of us are going too fast, rushing from each … Continue reading

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Lent: Saying ‘Yes’ to ‘No’

Lent often carries with it the idea of giving up chocolate, cakes and sweets as a way to kick-start the post-Christmas, pre-Easter diet. I heard the prayer of someone who struggled to give up cakes one Lent: ‘Lord, if you … Continue reading

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Lent: Reflect – Contemplate – Be Inspired

Watch and Pray In Lent we are invited to accompany Jesus on a journey which starts in the desert and ends in the garden of Gethsemane just outside Jerusalem. There Jesus calls his disciples to ‘watch and pray’. The experiences … Continue reading

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